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Core Values

Be Passionate. Stay Passionate.

Passion is what fuels us. We must identify what we're most passionate about and use that to fuel how we move in life.

Commitment to Healing & Growth

Commitment is key. The only way to be successful is to make the commitment to self first, to always aim for healing first and continuing to grow.


When we're in alignment that's when life is sweet. 


Life is not without challenge. Offering grace in the process is required.

Image by Audrey Fretz

Who is Hollis Gray?



I learned years ago that my passion keeps me fueled and my desire to stay in alignment is what drives me to continue sharing the work. I used to think my accolades and titles mattered most in this work, but honestly what really matters is my commitment to continue learning and then sharing what I learn with others; ESPECIALLY with Black Women and Women of Color.

Who am I? I'm a Queer Black Woman who firmly believes that everything is connected. My faith in that is what makes me so successful. My trust in my intuition is what allows me to connect with clients.


Working with me means me constantly asking, "how you feelin'?"

It means checking in with our spiritual entourage.

It means holding you accountable for what you say you're going to do.

It means me screaming YASSSSSSS!

And rooting for you to win, cuz listen, we all gon' win!

That's the goal!

Image by Honey Yanibel Minaya Cruz
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