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Under the Holistree-Wellness Lounge

An exclusive monthly membership wellness community that offers support in deepening one's wellness practice.

Self-care no longer needs to drop to the bottom of your "To Do" list.  

If you’re ready to invest in yourself, nourish your body and spirit, stress less, move more, sleep well, feel happier, enhance your relationships, lead the life you know is waiting for and do it all with a community in your corner… The Wellness Lounge has your name on it! 


Allow us to nourish, support and empower you to shift into your very best version.

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Virtual Community

Wellness should be accessible. Here at the Wellness lounge you can access everything from the comfort of your home.

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Natural Beauty

Who is this for?

The Busy who are ready to enhance their health and happiness and become their best version

Women who want to experience the benefits of a retreat without having to travel to one

Those who want connection to a community that will be in your corner helping guide you and keep you on track

Those who desire to gain more of an understanding of what lights you up, your passion, purpose and motivation

Women who are busy and want simple, practical, time efficient and powerful tools that work and help them make big strides forward in reaching their wellness goals

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Wellness & Reiki

A 3-month package

Monthly Reiki Session

Bi-weekly Check-in

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Vital Benefits

Yearly Package

1:1 monthly Reiki session

 45-min. seasonal wellness consult

10 % discount off Offerings

5% off Retreats


3 Pillars

We focus on three Pillars of Wellness

Pillar #1 Life Rituals

Powerful, everyday rituals that will allow you to (re)align and kind balance in your life. 

Pillar #2 Nourishment
How we fuel our mind, body and spirit matters. We offer empowering resources to help assist you in deciding what fuel is best for you. Including:  Recipes for both your belly and your spirit, demonstrations, an herbal medical and more.

Pillar #3 Rejuvenation and Recharge
Slow down to speed up! With the pace and pressure of a successful life and technology meaning we are often always ‘on’ it’s easy to be consumed with stress, overwhelm and fatigue. We will empower you to boost your motivation, dissolve the overwhelm and get good quality recovery. This is the foundation of a successful, happy life.

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