Meet the Brilliant Minds

The Brilliant Minds

The Holistree Collective is home to our Founders, Board Members, Thought Leaders, Practitioners and Creatives. 



The Founding T.H.C. tribe


Hollis Gray, Founder

My story always begins with a light being turned on or off. I STILL to this day haven’t figured out which light and we’re going on year 5 since the said light incident, but a light nonetheless. That story I’ve told a million times and will continue to tell it until Women understand and LIVE their truth, their own way in such an unapologetic way that it creates shifts in this world; shifts that cultivate and maintain healing, development and empowerment.


Aside from staying committed to working on my own radical self-discovery, healing, love and ritual routine, I curate spaces for Women of Color to do the same.


I am a story-teller, a Reiki Master and Healer, a Chef, a published author, and an Intuitive. Honestly if I had to sum it all up I’d say: I’m just an Unapologetic Authentic Black Queer “Majik” Woman.

Rahel H. Denboba, Co-Founder

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The Community


Check out inspiration from past retreaters and event attendees! Setting the stage for true Empowerment!