A little Heart to Heart...

I made a commitment to myself and to my community earlier this year. The commitment to love in its purest form; love for my people, love for my community and love for myself. This practice ain't always pretty but it's been so rewarding and I'm excited and proud to extend the invite to you. 


I’m inviting you to go deeper into this work, deeper into community and deeper into yourself. 


Consistency really is key. If you show up for the commitment to your healing time after time, your healing and breakthrough is inevitable.


Each moment is an opportunity to get to the next highest and best version of you.

It's even more powerful when we get to do it in community and cultivate a true practice of care together. 

Let this be the marker for your commitment... Join me!


Choose your commitment..

  • Wellness + Reiki

    3-month package (one time fee)
    Valid for 3 months
    • Wellness Consultation + Action plan
    • Monthly Private 1:1 Virtual Reiki Session
    • 25-Minute Bi-Weekly Check-in Accountability Sessions
  • Alignment Session

    Every month
    • 1:1 Monthly Coaching Session
    • bi-weekly accountability check in
    • Customized Wellness plan