From Wednesday to "WIN" days!

Dear Wednesday,

You won't get me! You thought you got me but you didn't! Today started out strange. I woke up at 3:45 am asking my ancestors to hold me. Hold me tight. I needed to feel safe. (I said that...out loud) and I thought, Do I not I shrugged it off and drifted back to sleep.

7:05 the alarm went off and this time Wednesday, I didn't gripe. I got up felt rested and ready. I made coffee, I put on a dress I forgot I had; it fits! which means I've lost a few more pounds) WINNING Wednesday I'm WIN-NING!

Stepped outside and the sun was shining, there was a was nice. Oh HEY WEDNESDAY we gon' be alright! But then...something happened. My travel turned into me running late which turned into me taking a different route which THEN turned into me going in the wrong direction completely! A few trips and bruises along the way.

GODDAMNIT' WEDNESDAY WHAT HAPPENED!?! I thought we were doing just fine. I thought we had it together, I thought this was a win! I mean okay sure I'm not TECHNICALLY LATE and I'm TECHNICALLY not physically hurt just a little bruise. And it's not cold which it very well could be because it's October.

Okay Okay Wednesday. Thank you for the gentle reminder that we are indeed...just...fine. I especially love how you reminded me of just how fine we were doing, you reminded me with the smile from that sweet baby passing by and the kind gesture from the elder who caught me in mid fall. You reminded me when I walked in my office and it was just me no one there to have to explain why I was late. You reminded me in my second cup of coffee with cream that a suite mate offered...yes Wednesday you are indeed a WINS day and I am grateful.

Thank you for still loving me even when I fussed. Thank you for the reminder that I am always...WINNING! <3


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