Tribe Feature: The Queen Nina F. Love

Please tell us about yourself…”What’s your I am story"

I started out experimenting in my grandma's kitchen at a very young age, I may have been 6 or 7.

Spirit lead me unknowingly into the world of culinary arts and I have been cheffing since I was 20 years old. I dug deeper and attended IIN The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, studied Holistic Nutrition and became a certified Holistic Health Coach.

There is power in food! There is healing in food! That is what was calling me all along! Here I am now using all my love and tools; food, herbs, essential oils, crystals, and such to spread love and healing across this planet and leave it better than it was given to me!

We heard you've recently changed your name to Nina F. Love (Free Love) what does that mean to you?

Nina made the cut because it's been with me and done right by me for almost 16 years now!

But Free Love had to be my name because it represents me! My essence, who I am at my core!

Love and Freedom are the 2 most important things to me in this world! I wholeheartedly embody the 2 and I want everyone to know who I am and what I am up to from the very sight of my name!

What will you be sharing with us in Grenada for the Reawakening your Wild Woman:"Crafting your Divine Ritual"

My philosophy is that we are The Divine housed in these packages we call bodies. So for me tending to the body is as important to tending to the soul, the spirit, and the mind! It's all connected!

My contribution will be a complete divine pampering of the divine goddess within!

From head to toe I will shower and saturate the ladies with my love potions and healing/spa treatments.

Reawakening the goddess within from the outside. I'll use essential oils, flowers, herbs, tonics, my hands, and most importantly, my love! I will also be offering one-on-one health coaching sessions to each of the ladies to support them in assessing their health/life from a holistic point of view and offer protocols and regimes to recalibrate and get things jump started in that area or back on track depending on where they are on there journey.

We focus so much on self-care but most people think it’s as simple as going to a spa…what is your self-care routine or your Divine ritual look like?

I am a taurus...I love the earth and all the wonderful things therein! So I incorporate lots of crystals, herbs, oils, essentials oils, resins, flowers, salt, and other earthly/grounding elements into my divine rituals. I also burn ALOT! I love fire! I love the aroma of burt earthly elements; incense, resins, woods, herbs, all of that!

Bathing with these earthly elements is my absolute favorite!

What does Nina F. Love have coming up in 2018 aside from joining us in Grenada?!? Where can people find you?


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