TRIBE FEATURE: The Voice Alchemist "Patience Sings"

Two things we're doing this year; 1. getting up close and personal with The Collective Tribe members, highlighting EMPOWERED WOMEN! 2. Hosting Self-Care Sundays, a space where we come together create and affirm real SELF-CARE.

We're so excited to be kicking off this Sunday with our very own Tribe Member Patience Sings!! When we sat down with P to get ready for Sunday we asked her some pretty powerful questions and in return received some POWERFUL answers.

After all isn't that what an Empowered Woman gives.....

So here it is! Get comfortable and Get to know Patience Sings.

Please tell us about yourself…”What’s your I am story"

I am a black, queer, woman, artist, creator and lover.

When you hear the “voice alchemist” as it pertains to you what do you think?

I think of someone who turns sound into emotion, into healing, into love.

Follow up question: What does it mean to be a voice alchemist

A vocal alchemist is someone who turns sound, particularly through voice into something tangible, beautiful, emotional and fully actualized.

We focus so much on self-care but most people think it’s as simple as going to a spa…what is your self-care routine look like?

Self care for me looks like rest, so much rest. It looks like shutting off the world and writing, meditating, reading or watching anything Marvel Universe.

"There is Power in the Voice” what can we expect to receive on Sunday from you?

We can expect to learn how to access our voices, turn them into action into tangible manifestation. We'll learn how to take care of and open our throat chakras.

We’re kicking off the new Year…what is one thing you’ve learned from 2017?

Faith without work is dead.

What’s a great ritual for opening up the Throat Chakra?

Standing shoulder width a part, hands to the sides, inhaling deeply and letting out a LOUD scream on the exhale.

What does Patience Sings have coming up for us?

I am working on an album to celebrate the departure of my most recent ancestors and the process of grief and sadness.

Where can we find you?

IG- @patience.sings

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