Levántate y CHOOSE....

Photo Credit: Erik Romero

I am reminded of exactly why Puerto Rico called for me. In the midst of this devastation the island still remains full of spirit.

We no longer have lush greenery, there are even more dilapidated buildings than before . Our blue waters are filled with “basura” they are murky and brown but if you stand still for a moment you can hear it...the sound of the people...drums...laughter...hope.

If you’ve ever wondered what love SOUNDS like come to the island...you’ll understand why its called La Isla de Ecanta.

The island is absolutely magical in every possible way and because of that I can see why she called for me. I needed my own lesson on healing, on opportunity, on...love.

This isn’t a story about Puerto Rico’s devastating state because honestly Puerto Rico could never be...devastated. (Not that I'm dismissing what is happening, because it's happening and this is a test of humanity at its best...or worst) The island is much tooo strong, the people are way toooo passionate to ever be slopped in the category with words like devastation.

Our focus in this moment is about healing. Understanding that it is not linear, its never-ending, its relentless but soooo worrth it.

This is a story about healing. About faith and fearlessness. This is a story about love.

Healing is much like what has happened a to our beloved island. It starts with a storm. One that comes thru your life and completely breaks everything down. And if you’re not careful with what you choose to see you can drown in that storm.

Only what if...what if you see the storm as an opportunity. What if you understand that the clearing was necessary to get you to arrive at peace (the eye of the storm) and then to stand in the midst of a clearing that is ready for the rebuild. That’s where healing begins. It begins when you decide to see the storm as the opportunity vs. as the devastation.

You take hold of the opportunity, you stand still and listen to love.

What does love sound like?

You know when you have chills and the hair on your arm stands up. When you can’t figure out if that chill comes from a breeze or something stirring inside you. Something so big that your heart pounds and you swear you can hear it. And those chills turn into a soft melody followed by that heart pounding drum...that's love.

Love sounds like...YOU.

How you move through your day.

How you understand that there is something bigger than self.

How you care for another. Hell how you care for yourself.

Love. Love. Love. LOVE.

So how bout it?! During the next storm (and honestly you don’t even have to wait until a full blown hurricane, a lite rain will do) CHOOSE.

Choose the opportunity.

Choose to see it.

Stand still and hear it.

Choose yourself.

Now let’s begin...Happy Healing!


Hollis G.

P.S. I won't pretend that the island isn't in need because we are. While I'm happy to say all the Holistree Family is accounted for and safe, there is still great need. Beyond the basic necessities, there is need for resources to help rebuild and repair. There is need for bodies. There is need for emotional support. There is need for supplies and money.

Holistree will still move forward with any retreats happening from November and out as we expect to be fully up and running by then. We encourage you to still come visit us. It is still our mission to hold space for you and support you around your own journey. For the next 6 months, Holistree will be donating 17% of our proceeds to our town and to families in need. If you'd like to get involved, we have listed ways you can do so on our website HERE.

While we welcome any donations of supplies, shipping and receiving them at this time isn't possible. Please hold off just a little longer so that we can ensure these donations get into the hands of those that need them. If you'd like to donate monetarily you may do so on the Relief Efforts page of our website...we're also offering discounts to retreaters who want to offer their man power in the upcoming months to help clean up neighborhoods.

If you are unable to do any of these things, sending a little extra positive love and energy our way is more than enough and we appreciate all of it! <3

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