Two Hearts One Spirit

Hollis Gray

The moment you figure out your place in the world is the moment you fully begin living! I truly believe that... HOWEVER, what about when your "place" happens to be many places?!

No one ever really talks about the very real possibility that one's place could very well be nowhere and everywhere at the same time.

We're taught to focus on ONE thing and shine in that but when you think about it, "HUE"mans are multi-layered beings. So WHY would you encourage such a complex creation to be just ONE of anything?! (I'm rambling, I know so let's start at the semi-beginning...)

When I started this journey, I thought I HAD to plant my roots in one place. I needed to choose a single home, a single career, a single "type" of me.

I drove myself crazy trying to figure out why none of what I was doing was working. Why I kept coming back to the same space of feeling incomplete and unfulfilled.

So I took drastic measures and moved. I didn't really have a specific reason at the time (although when I think about it now, I feel like I was running away from SOMETHING). Now I realize, this move was so much more than "getting away." I now realize this move was really about exposing myself to the possibilities. (AND THERE ARE SO MANY)

SO here I am a year later: flourishing in the multiple of "things" I've allowed to be a part of me. And here is what I've discovered: I have two hearts! Not literally of course but two hearts as in there are two very distinct "Me's." If you haven't guessed it by now they are Hollis Gray and Rakita Lillard.

At the core of this my Spirit is the same, still vibrant, still moving through life in a magical way, still embracing the fact that there is always something bigger than self. BUT the difference is how each woman interprets such.

Hollis Gray

Hollis Gray, lives in Luquillo, Puerto Rico.

Hollis is FULL of witchiness, talks to plants, conjures, ritualizes, moves at a slow pace, is almost always naked, is plant-based, loves to be barefoot, is intentional about being connected to spirit in the most spiritual way (if that makes sense).

She understands the importance of community and believes that is the answer to a happy life.

This is Hollis ------------->

Hollis Gray

Rakita Lillard lives in the DMV, born and raised. It's where she began learning all the parts of self. Rakita moves quickly, is excessive, is loud, is bright, is queer as F*ck. She's either mama or wife to her tribe, she's lover, she's sweet on the outside but a smidgen dark on the inside, she's the full embodiment of sex, love and magic.

<------------ This is Rakita

(Photo Acknowledgment MESSAGE YOU'VE GOT NIP! Yes I'm aware of this on this pic but I LOVE THIS PIC AND maybe it's a great representation of what was it I called it? FULL EMBODIMENT of sex, love and magic)

ANYWAY! As I was saying!

Both spaces are literally direct representations of self; of Rakita; of Hollis. What I've discovered is that when you embrace ALL of you (even the not so great parts) that is when you are your WHOLE self. That is when your SPIRIT soars.

I'm sharing all of this with you 1) because I'm in a space of excitement being both women and 2) because some of you are moving through this life minimizing parts of your self because you think you NEED to. STOP! STOP DOING THAT RIGHT NOW! It is perfectly okay to embrace and be more than one thing at once. I promise you when you move into a space of honoring ALL of you, your world will shift. You will feel it. Your heart(s) will feel it. Your Spirit will thank you!

Sometimes all it takes is just you considering that ANYTHING is possible. Try it and then let me know what happens! I'm looking forward to hearing about your shifts, your hearts AND your spirits.

Be well. Be love. Be YOU.


Hollis G.

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