The Bare Necessities...

This is my last post on this I promise! It's just....aren't these pictures awesome!! Part of me is still in shock that I did this! (If you are unsure of which one I am, that be the snow!)

PRAISE MOMENT! I am so extremely proud of myself, the growth, the healing, the love that I have created for self in the past year. YES! GO HOLLIS! GO! -Ends Praise Moment.

I'm packing up and heading back to my little island feeling full and clear. (Admittedly I'm not quite ready just yet to go back, but there is work to be done and healing to be...healed? <---you know what I mean) This trip home was everything I needed and I've discovered quite a bit while being here.

Last year for me was about healing self, loving self and getting back to my Spirit. I'm happy to report that I've done that, the level of love I have for myself, the healing that occurred last year and this Spirit of mine; Baybeeeee!!! Let's just say the whine in my hips is all the proof you need! Transformation is so real!'s the thing, such a success left me feeling like my "stretch" would really have to be out of this world to top this current transformation. I realize I've been in the mindset of being "stretched" meant doing something over the top! Now, I don't know if it was the cold weather, the numb "cheeks", the 20 plus fellow nudist around me, or just my level of consciousness but I here is the epiphany I had. It is absolutely okay to enjoy what is already here. I'm not saying don't push yourself, I'm just saying enjoy the moments where you can acknowledge your growth. PERIOD. If you're always looking for the NEXT THING are you really learning?! Are you really honoring your spirit and giving thanks for where you are in the moment? There are lessons in just being. There are grate (magical) things in the moment that you could miss because you're looking for the next thing.

When you strip down to the bare necessities (not literally but epiphanies while naked are fun, so if you want to strip down both literally and figuratively I say DO IT!) it allows you to fully see and fully appreciate what you have all you have IN THE MOMENT.

SO! THROW YOURSELF A PARTY FOR THE PLACE YOU ARE IN NOW! In fact! Do it to the tune of Jungle Book's Bear Necessities! This song is so LIT! (no really! It is!)

(Disney was on to something with this one!)

Lyrics to The Jungle Books- Bare Necessities

(You should SO stop what you are doing RIGHT NOW and sing this!)

Look for the bare necessities

The simple bare necessities

Forget about your worries and your strife

I mean the bare necessities

Old Mother Nature's recipes

That brings the bare necessities of life

Wherever I wander, wherever I roam

I couldn't be fonder of my big home

The bees are buzzin' in the tree

To make some honey just for me

When you look under the rocks and plants

And take a glance at the fancy ants

Then maybe try a few

The bare necessities of life will come to you They'll come to you!

Look for the bare necessities

The simple bare necessities

Forget about your worries and your strife

I mean the bare necessities

That's why a bear can rest at ease

With just the bare necessities of life

Now when you pick a pawpaw

Or a prickly pear And you prick a raw paw

Next time beware

Don't pick the prickly pear by the paw

When you pick a pear

Try to use the claw

But you don't need to use the claw

When you pick a pear of the big pawpaw

Have I given you a clue ?

The bare necessities of life will come to you They'll come to you!

So just try and relax,

yeah cool it Fall apart in my backyard

'Cause let me tell you something little britches If you act like that bee acts, uh uh

You're working too hard

And don't spend your time lookin' around

For something you want that can't be found

When you find out you can live without it

And go along not thinkin' about it

I'll tell you something true

The bare necessities of life will come to you


Be well. Be love. Be YOU.


Hollis G.

P.S. Did you sing the song? Did you do a little dance with it? Did it make you feel good?!? Please share with me your insight! I'd love to hear/read about it! Post your comments below or to our FB page!

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