"Butt" WAIT...there's more

It's only right that I take FULL advantage of these awesome pics I took on my Naturism retreat! Be prepared for at least one more post...Sitting my brown bum on that COLD WOOD fence was one of those moments where I realized just how crazy good my life is!

I realized in that moment that with very little, I can still find humor, epiphanies, love and an all around good time. Have you ever had a moment where you were like "What's next?!" "There has to be MORE to this?!" I'm sure you've had a moment or two like these; if you haven't I'd seriously question if you're human, if you're living, if you're being real with self because EVERYONE has had one of these moments! I say all this to get you to realize a few things:

1. At some point EVERYONE EVERYWHERE has had a moment like this. A moment where you question your life "situations". Where you feel like something is missing. Where you realize you NEED more. This is a NORMAL human experience that should be celebrated in itself. And then understand this is a part of life, it's more so about how you CHOOSE to digest what is happening.

2. You need far less than you think. Let me just say this: I spent three days in the cold BUTT NAKED (I'm mostly saying this because I like to tell people I was butt naked, teehee- I'm childish sometimes *shrugs*) and really enjoyed myself. The key here is that often times we look at spaces/situations from a place of lack vs. a place of abundance. When you truly understand abundance, you will realize that you too can have a Crazy Good Life (per a friend's suggestion this may just be the title of our August retreat!) with very little. Again, (I can't stress this enough) it's about CHOICE! How are you choosing to see your life? To see your self?

3. There really is more to life! And what I mean by that is take a moment to step outside of yourself and look at what you have. It is enough. You are enough. If I can find humor in fun in last weekend's experience, you can find truth in the statements.: YOU ARE ENOUGH. YOU HAVE ENOUGH.

"It really is as simple as acknowledging where you are in your life and loving it. When you find yourself doubting any of this, that is the perfect time for you to step back, take inventory and celebrate the space you are in, even if that space SEEMS uncomfortable and unclear. Just try it; what's the worse that could happen?

Have faith. Be Well. Be love. Be YOU.


Hollis G.

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