I get asked this ALL THE TIME!

How did you do it? In the past year I have been asked this question at least 60 times. (no exaggeration). I don't mind being asked I just never thought people would be so inspired by what to me seemed like such an easy thing to do. The thing being moving to where my heart said move.

I almost feel bad when I give them such a simple answer of "I just did it". I think sometimes people are expecting some magical formula for how to do this but in all honesty there isn't one. This really is one of those things where you truly have to believe that you are covered and things will be taken care of. I suppose then the question could be How did you get to that point...the point of being sure?


The truth of the matter is this...these are questions unique to you. The answer, the process isn't the same for everyone. (Hell even the timing isn't the same) BUT...if you must have a bit of guidance here are just a few notes/pointers/advice

When making HUGE life changing decisions like moving to an island where you have no real affiliation, nothing lined up really, no friends no family consider the following:

1. You don't have to know exactly when or how you are going to do it but CHOOSE. Choose to move forward, choose to do it, there is no room for hesitation. AT ALL!

2. I don't recommend telling many people at first. Sometimes people will project their own fears, doubts, envy onto you and when you are trying to make BIG decisions and your foundation hasn't quite set yet this can make it difficult.

3. Give yourself at least 8 months to plan (Ideally a year but 8 months is more than enough time when you are SERIOUS)

4. Do some purging. When we make big changes we have to make room for them. Learn to let go of BOTH what no longer serves you and things that may serve you but are just comfortable.

5. LISTEN. Listen to Spirit. Listen to that little voice inside. Listen and then close your eyes and jump no is as good of time as any. There will never be a RIGHT time.

Now for some practical (non-spiritual) advice....

~ When I decided to move from DC to PR I first chose a date and purchased a one-way ticket. This was my way of letting the Universe (and myself really) know I was serious about this. Advice: JUST DO IT.

-I googled the hell out of "Moving to Puerto Rico" Advice: Do a little research on where you are moving. Look up things like cost of living, join meetup groups of FB groups in the area. Take note of things like tax percentage, timeframes, laws.

-I decided I was going to save $8k (but also decided that even if I didn't meet that number I was still going to do it...I didn't meet that number HA! I was about $3k short but I trusted that things would work out and within three months of living on the island I had MORE than enough money) Advice: Put yourself on a budget. Sell things you don't need. Pick up a side hustle. Cut things like shopping for gifts, eating out, unnecessary bills like cable..don't completely deprive yourself otherwise you will be miserable but just limit what you do.

-I wrote letters of love to myself, things that really helped me in moments of doubt. Advice: It helps to get your fears out (and you will have fears!) be gentle with yourself. Our words are powerful. Write out your process it will be so helpful.

-Ship what you can, its worth it to not have to buy all new things, plus it helps to have some memories.

-Go into your decision knowing that the only way you fail at is this if you don't do it at all.

-Understand that it will take some time to get adjusted once you move so give it some time.

That's really all I have for you. That and this....YOU CAN DO IT! (cheesy I know) but honestly we are so much more powerful than we realize. Just remember that.

Happy Moving. Happy making big shifts!


Hollis G.

P.S. Still not sure how to make big shifts in your life? Schedule a chat with me! I'm always happy to help those wanting to live the life they dream of. There really isn't a reason you aren't doing so already!

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