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Why I created Holistree?

January 2, 2017


"I have a space. A safe space. A space to retreat to. A space full of love and magic. What other reason is there really to create? Period." ~Hollis G.



Starting Holistree....


It's the second day of the new year and I find myself on edge. I'm sitting here like "What to do, what to do?" I have so many projects in the "idea stage" and "planning stage" that I LITERALLY am stuck; slightly overwhelmed and quickly forgetting why I started this in the first place. SO!! When I get overwhelmed I take a deep breath, step back and take inventory. I needed to remind myself WHY I started this particular company and then realized I don't think I ever shared this part of the story with you! So here it goes!


Once upon a time....(just kidding!) The truth...really. I started Holistree because I knew I needed to DO something with myself! I recognize the fact that I def am not a 9-5er (which I'm not knocking at all!

9-5ers I admire you) my last corporate job ended with me wanting to throw a stapler at my Boss's head! So 9-5 job equals not for Hollis GOT IT! 


HA! This is my favorite movie of all time!! But I digress!


It wasn't just that though, Holistree is my third company created, I started it because creating companies is what I know. But Holistree...felt different. When I moved to the island I had no idea what I wanted to do here; at the time my only focus was on taking a much needed break from life, I need a change of scenery and something so magical I couldn't deny the grand scheme of "divine intervention" and then....LIGHT BULB MOMENT! That was it! So I guess you could say the real reason I started Holistree was because I wanted  to have a space for others to do exactly what I did. Have the option of taking a break from life. 


I'm absolutely proud of how quickly Holistree has grown in a year and I'm quite sure it will grow twice the size by the end of 2017! Either way here is what I know....I have a space. A safe space. A space to retreat to. A space full of love and magic. What other reason is there really to create? Period. 


Here is my challenge to you for the new year. Create something...ANYTHING. But let it be something that is an extension of you! Be well. Be Love. Happy Creating!




Hollis G.


Let's stay connect! Keep an eye out for all the FABULOUS things we will do this year! Better yet! Join us! 


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