I have absolutely NO CHILL!...My naturist experience

I spent the weekend attending a Naturist retreat, hence the pic of me outside NAKED in the SNOW. This is not something you see many brown folks do but *shrugs* I figured this year for me is about stretching myself further and considering that last year was the ULTIMATE stretch (moving to an island by myself with no friends or family and no real plan). I knew whatever I did in 2017 was going to have to be a bit on the extreme side... SO what better way to kick off the year than to be naked in the snow!

Nudity is not foreign to me. In fact, if you are a personal friend, you've probably seen me naked on numerous occasions (not to mention that living in constant 80 degree weather warrants a bit of nakedness). So being naked wasn't the difficult; the challenge for me was 1) the obvious COLD and 2) being a retreater versus the facilitator. Going into this I did what I tell others to do when stepping into a situation: set the intention for what you want to experience.

So...I set the intention, stripped down and walked into the game room where there were others also standing in all their glory!! I immediately felt comfortable and in about 15 minutes forgot that I was naked. The entire weekend was spent: naked. We ate together family style (naked), we took nature walks together (naked), we showered together (naked), we played games, watched movies, sat around and conversed, worked, cried, cleaned: naked, naked, naked, NAKED! And here is what I learned from the entire experience:

1. Nudist communities are not just about being naked and sex.

I got questioned and raised eyebrows when I told people what I did last weekend. I got questioned about if I felt safe, was it weird, was I worried about the young children running around, was there an orgy?! - This is a REAL community. Your extended family and honestly it was no different than hanging out with family on a holiday vacation. In fact, I felt more comfortable there then I do when I go home for the Holidays and get the "OH You look like you're gaining weight?!; OH is THAT what you're wearing?! I think because EVERYONE is naked there's less focus on what's happening on the outside. I DIG IT! Not once did I feel awkward or unsafe. I'm also a HUGE fan of treating children like capable human beings and teaching them that their body is this natural and absolutely beautiful vessel. As for the, was it an orgy....ummmm I'm going to go with a NO, although I'm thinking perhaps a future trip with Brown Queer folks such as myself may warrant a little.....NEVERMIND, NO there were no orgies happening!

2. I am PRIVELGED AS F%$@!

This entire experience got me thinking about my own privilege in life. The fact that I can CHOOSE to be naked, CHOOSE to travel, CHOOSE to be comfortable, CHOOSE to be cold! The entire time I had CHOICE! I will never complain again about not having anything to wear!

3. I am DYING for community! Like that is what makes me feel COMPLETE.

I've been saying this for some time now but what I'm finding is the constant opportunity that is placed in front of me to experience REAL community. Community living when done RIGHT is such a beautiful and harmonious thing. I acknowledge that I do have some doubts about if it can really happen but what I realized this weekend was that these doubts I have really are about my own level of communication. This year I am making it a POINT to work on my communication skills. "A closed mouth does not get fed, but neither does worry, fear, anger and doubt get handled when you don't talk about it" <-----does that make sense? This was my attempt at being deep, either way I hope you get me!

4. I must constantly PUSH myself (and also cold weather makes me ANGRY)

Every time I stepped outside and the wind hit me I'm pretty sure a cuss word or two or FIVE came out of my mouth. Cold weather REALLY pisses me off! But I am glad I pushed through it. I became mindful of it, acknowledged it and then let that sh&* go. The lesson in this is that there are times/moments in life where you WILL be annoyed, it's more so about how you handle it and trust me you can handle it! If I can take a walk in -13 degree (Celsius) NAKED you can handle the angry moments!


(Wo)mannnnn, I have no idea what I did in my past life to set me up for all this greatness but THANK YOU. At the end of the day, honestly my life is so beautiful, every single moment! I am so grateful that I have the heart and spirit to recognize this!

What a great way to kick off 2017! This year I will absolutely have no chill! And what I mean by that is when it comes to experiences I'm going ALL IN! Isn't that the point?

What are you doing this year to push yourself? Stretch yourself?

Until next time lovies!



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