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It's official I am an island girl! Literally and Spiritually! This past year of living here in Puerto Rico has revealed to me so much of myself! And granted my tan is AMAZING my smile is BIG but this journey was not easy! The majority of the time I spent scared out of my mind. I had no idea the amount of uneasy I would feel. (Insert dramatics- BUT DID YOU DIE?!)

2016 has been the year of complete transformation. I find myself now "getting to know Hollis", as if I haven't been in this body for Thirty some odd years. So now what?!? That IS the question isn't it? It's common to do reflection right before a new year....to make resolutions...to "intend" of changing something. I plan on spending 2017 falling in love over and over again with myself! Point. Blank. Period.

And if you find yourself thinking "OH THAT'S A GOOD INTENTION" but you are wondering exactly how to do that here's a few things:

1. GET JUICY! - If you have been on a personal retreat, had a coaching session, or honestly just a friend talking the way us gals do (why did I just say "gals" smh) then you know exactly what I mean by this..and hold it! for all those who directly think about sex (although that is a GREAT THOUGHT) getting juicy isn't just about that. To be juicy or to live a juicy life simple means to do things that make you excited. The things that resonate with you on such a high vibration that you literally...GET JUICY!


-painting my toes- I know this may seem like an insignificant thing but to me it's not. Painting my toes makes me feel sexy for one. It also means that I have free time to spare because honestly painting your toes can be a task! FREE TIME=HAPPY TIME

-preparing a delicious meal- Food for me period always excites me but a deliciously creamy savory meal really gets me juicy (and don't let it be plated nicely!)

-on an "adulting" tip (cuz we all have to be grown ups at some point **rolls eyes**) paying my bills and still having money left over

-lighting candles intentionally, connecting to spirit

-wearing a flow dress

-having a juicy conversation with a friend

-and ok ok so juicy SOMETIMES refers to sex, having a sweaty uninhibited juicy moment with your partner (OR IF YOU'RE LIKE ME-with YOURSELF)

Are you getting the picture? To live a juicy life means doing WHATEVER it is you do that excites you!

And if you still aren't sure (shameless plug) JOIN US ON OUR "GET JUICY" retreat in February!

In any event what are you doing in the New Year to get juicy?!? I want to know!

2. LET THAT $h!t GO! -This is a given and something told to us time and time again. But really! If it doesn't make you happy, if it doesn't feel good LET IT GO. But here's a twist...Let go of the things that do feel good as well. Those things that are just comfortable. Just making it. Just works. It's taking up space for what is supposed to be. The challenge here is that we don't let things go because deep down we really don't believe there is something better. Let me let you in on a little secret....FEAR and DOUBT are the ultimate blockers of blessings of abundance. You can't have both! You choose!

3. Connect to Spirit. It doesn't matter what you call Spirit (God, Buddha, Orisha, Universe, Source) just connect. There is something that happens when we truly understand, honor, celebrate, learn, embrace, trust that there is something bigger than us. Watch what happens when you start connecting!

4. Self-Care is the best care! This is bigger than just taking a day to go to the spa. Self-care is also saying NO sometimes. It's taking a nap. It's letting someone else handling something for you. It's listening to your body and letting go of guilt when you put yourself before someone else. Listen dear...You CANNOT give to others from an empty cup!

5. JUST BE HAPPY! It really is just that simple. It is okay, give yourself permission. BE HAPPY.

(Caption: This is Hollis. Hollis likes ice cream. Hollis is HAPPY)

All in all....honestly, this life you are living does NOT have to be complicated. There is no set rule book. It is YOURS to command. To LIVE. So do it! Make this the year you fall in love with yourself OVER AND OVER AND OVER!!

Ready? Set?! GO!!!


Hollis G.

P.S. Still finding it hard to find your smile? Let's chat! Schedule a call with me!

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