Setting Effective Goals: Why you need a Life Coach

I want…

I want…

I want…

Is not an example of an effective goal!

As a Life Coach it is my job to help my clients not only set goals but obtain them! My role is to offer your support; clear out the "murky" and help you birth your truest idea, self and life.

Many times we are clear about what we want but when it comes to taking effective actions to achieve those goals we get lost. There can be a number of reasons for this, but let's start with the best place… at the beginning. When we set a goal it is important to know what an effectively set goal looks like. This effective or SMART goal will help bring clarity to what steps will help you reach your goal and be a benchmark for effective versus ineffective actions.

What is an effective goal? In the business & coaching world we call this a SMART goal.

S = Specific & Simple

M = Measurable & Meaningful TO YOU

A = Achievable

R = Realistic

T = Timed & Moving TOWARDS what you want (versus ‘I don’t want to feel ___’ is not a towards, it’s an away from)

Whenever you set a goal I recommend taking the following steps to help:

  1. Write out your goal in SMART goal format

  2. Set an intention towards that goal and meditate/visualize what it will be like once it is achieved.

  3. Create task lists based on your SMART goal and…

  4. TAKE ACTION daily!

  5. Let go of the outcome – this one can be challenging…there is a difference between wanting a desired outcome and being attached to a desired outcome. Many times things unfold and as they do they may look different then what you expected. So remain open minded and open hearted as you journey down your path.

Start here. At the beginning! Best of luck getting clear and moving towards your effective goal!


Hollis G.

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