Are you positively motivating yourself?

What moves you?

What drives you?

What INSIDE makes you WANT to be better both on the inside and on the outside?

Becoming better versions of ourselves, growing our success, getting healthier and more fit is usually looked upon in a positive light. However, the driving motivators may not always be good for us or come from a good place.

It is important to be self aware… what and where are we acting from?

Is it a healthy place or a place of insecurity or fear?

Both positive and negative things can be equally motivating and can breed results.

Studies on human behavior have shown is that positive motivators effect long term positive change and negative motivators do not. In fact, negative motivators prove to only be effective while the negative motivating factor is present. Once it is removed, the motivation disappears.

Often times we "motivate" ourselves not even realizing exactly what it is where are saying, using negative motivators like changing something to gain approval or society or even worse a specific person. Sometimes the equation used though motivating stems from a negative place. For example, someone who wants to lose weight.

May negatively motivate with "I'm fat, I have to lose weight in order to be attractive" vs. "I'm going to lose weight so I can feel good; be healthier".

The negativity comes into play when we choose to make a change or shift based on a belief that we are not enough in the current state.

So what is a POSITIVE motivator you ask? Glad you asked! Here are a few POWERFUL POSITIVE phrases that you could apply to just about any area in your life for positive motivation:

-I am increasing the quality of my life.

-I’m worth the investment of time and resources.

-I'm in the process of...

-Doing this will allow me to live my "best life"

A good self check as to where your motivation is rooted or where it originates from is by asking yourself these few simple questions and answering them boldly with honesty:

  1. Why do I want to do________________?

  2. For what purpose would I do/do I do ________________?

  3. Is this action I am considering a loving action or a loving choice?

  4. Would choosing to take this action be good for me, good for my family and good for the world?

Answering these questions will help you not only discover the root of what’s motivating you but also help bring clarity to what and why you want or need to affect a change in an area of your life.

Now! Let's get clear and motivated!


**Hollis Gray is an empowerment coach and intentional liver! The #1 goal in life is to feel good 100% of the time! To be balanced and fully living in your purpose!**

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