Self-care starts with an un-rushed Morning

Good Morning Good Morning GOOOOOOOD MORNING!!

One of this biggest differences since I've moved to the island is my excitement for the morning! I remember writing in my manifestation journal how I imagined my island days being relaxed and my mornings being un-rushed. I imagined a morning where I slowly got out of bed, stretched, gave appropriate thanks for the new day and my most favorite made the perfect cup of coffee.

I chuckled the day I realized I was doing exactly what I imagined. I had in fact manifested un-rushed mornings! I've been having them ever since.

SO here's the thing...creating a self-care routine that fits you is not an easy task in the beginning. In fact I have tweaked, recreated, stopped, started new routines quite often. Your self-care routine will change as you change. It will grow, sometimes being extremely detailed, other times being minimal. There is no set rule on what should or should not be included in a routine. It's YOUR routine! It's for YOU! The only thing that seems to be consistent is the start to your day. Your "Un-rushed" morning. I put those word in parenthesis because un-rushed doesn't necessarily mean to take you time. My definition of taking my time could be very different than yours. So let's redefine (or for some define for the first time) what it means to have an un-rushed morning.

Un-rushed mornings simply mean this, being mindful; being intentional about including things that matter most to you. Showing the day that YOU matter. Here's my example of an un-rushed morning:

Stretching before fully getting out of the bed. Saying out loud "Thank you Universe for this new day" and most importantly having a cup of coffee. Now the details of how all of this happens varies by the day but I make it a point to include these three things at the least.

Much easier than you think right?! So what does your un-rushed morning look like? What are some things you could implement tomorrow morning to begin your new un-rushed morning, stepping into your new self-care routine?

I am starting a new hashtag on Instagram called #unrushedmornings. Share your un-rushed morning tip with us! Be sure to tag us @holistreeretreats and @hollis__gray so we can share these moments with the community. Let's start a movement! Let's make a statement! Self-care Matters! It starts with beautiful #unrushedmornings

Here is an example of a #unrushedmornings tag where I show my favorite..."what's in my cup"

Un-rushed morning coffee

Check out more beautiful moments here on Instagram and begin tagging your own morning photographs. Be sure to follow on Instagram for inspiration and motivation! Let's help each other remember!

XO, Hollis G.

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