FIVE clear signs you are ready to retreat

Five clear signs you are ready to retreat

Since I’ve moved to the island I have really become a part of this #RetreatLife. It is absolutely a state of mind first, then it becomes a lifestyle.

So what exactly is the “Retreat Life”?! Most think of it as a break, a withdrawal, a vacation even, but honestly the TRUE meaning of a retreat is a moment of relief, clarity and balance. Living the Retreat Life allows for you to be in a constant mindset and space that provides true balance in your life. The Retreat Life focuses mainly on Self-Care.

Having a strong self-care game allows for living a truly well rounded abundance life, self-care is the beginning, middle and end of all this. Of course, you don’t just wake up one morning declaring to live a Retreat Life. It’s a process! It does take an initial step and that’s where I come in! As most of you know I decided awhile back during my own ah-ha Retreat life moment that I would create spaces that allow for the first steps in this journey. Be it retreating to our beautiful space in Puerto Rico, or attending one of our other exclusive personal retreat experiences, I created

SO how do you know if you’re ready to go on retreat? What a great question! Here are five indications I discovered during my own “Living the Retreat Life” process, and what I hear are pain points in attendees of our retreats:

1. You’re stuck in choice; lack of clarity. Also known as choice paralysis. This is when your mind is racing and every decision feels equally confusing. When you’re caught in choice paralysis, you ask everyone and their mama, the mailman, strangers on the train, at the bar, all…you get the point and still can’t make up your mind on something as simple as what color socks to put on today…or wear no socks at all! Here’s the thing, NO ONE KNOWS WHAT YOU NEED BETTER THAN YOU! When I stop trusting yourself, it’s time for a retreat! Now we recognize that everyone can’t escape to the island or take a few days off, but what you CAN do is take an hour to come back to your senses. Throw on some music, get those hips moving, wake up your senses, splash your face with cool water, eat something juicy, try some breathing techniques, write in a journal do something that brings you back to self. Sometimes all we need to do is intentionally be present. Doing something that allows you to wake up your spirit and bring you back to your most AUTHENTIC SELF can create a little relief and clarity.

2. You are chronically tired, I’m talking can barely keep your eyes open tired! There are two types of tired that fall in the chronic category. One is when you can’t find the energy to do anything, work out, cook dinner, get up in the morning, and go out with friends, absolutely NO ENERGY. This could be called lazy but honestly I don’t think its laziness at all. Sometimes what happens is we get into this “tired” energetic space that has stemmed from fear. Yes you read that correctly FEAR! A lot of us are afraid of opening ourselves up to life. So we shut down, lock ourselves in our rooms; hide and shield ourselves off from inspiration. All that “protection” can be exhausting! No wonder you feel tired! The other kind of tired comes from being burned out. This is very common especially for women. We feel like we have to do EVERYTHING! We burn the midnight oil with replenish packs on hand and ready! This kind of tired can actually intensify when you give your body just a little bit of much-needed rest, when it needs way more! I recommend going on retreat for both kinds of tiredness. Most retreats involve lots of time in nature, with fresh air and well-grown food. These gifts from Mama Nature are a cure-all that can calm you down and restore your nervous system. This is one of the reasons I love retreating on the island, being so close to water adds an extra level of healing to your experience.

3. You’re complaining a lot. Does everything annoy you lately? That bird that chirps in the morning; that barista that gave you the wrong coffee or just the arrival of a new day got you super annoyed. If you find yourself complaining about EVERYTHING or it’s a little challenging you to find something to be grateful for right now, you may want to consider a little break.

4. You need to celebrate your life. Something that is so hard for my clients is celebrating their own progress. During our session they are able to tell me about all the amazing things that have happened yet they continue the story with a huge BUT…. and start talking about that one small thing that still hasn’t manifested yet. Its almost inevitable the amount of hesitancy and resistance I receive when I suggest they look at all they have already accomplished. They are driven by the idea that we can only celebrate our success when it’s 100% done. But guess what, when it’s 100% done, you will be dead, and you will have missed the simple joy of loving your own life. Retreating can some time be such a big decision (and we like to make a big deal about it when you arrive, we cater to you exclusively), sometimes it takes a big step like this to really get you in the celebratory mood.

5. You are craving community. It's human nature to crave connection. Naturally during shifts in your life you look for others who are most "like" you. Looking for your TRIBE is so important on this journey.

Do you recognize yourself in any of these indications? If so, think about coming to visit us in Luquillo, PR. Retreats with us are about the experience. This experience can be a life-changing adventure for all who come, and I would love to offer one you the opportunity to have an experience.

You could join us for a group retreat or craft a personal retreat specific to you.

There are still slots available in our January “Happy New Y(ou)ear” retreat. I am leading with Brown and Healthy and La Fuerza Fitness this January 5-7th. It will be a gathering of awesome women, sharing, connecting, healing and all other kinds of sacred self-care. Message me soon if you are interested in either a group or personal retreat.

Regardless of when or where, I invite you to retreat. Take a conscious step back from your life – either a weekend or an hour – sometime SOON. It’s an investment of your own time in yourself. Our culture tells us we have to do more to be more, but that absolutely is not true. When you are in alignment, if you take the risk to step back and let go, you will gain the insight and energy to powerfully move forward, right back into the stream of your divinely aligned path.

Take this step toward a “Retreat Life” lifestyle; you will open up your floodgates of abundance in ways you have not imagined! Plus your spirit will thank you!

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