Finding your Tribe: The Healthy Collective

Message from a self-appointed island girl: I've lived on this island for seven months! Where has the time gone! There are noticeable differences in me since I've moved here. And while I've changed physically, mentally and spiritually; I have realized I have ways to go. During a healing journey you discovery the importance of connection and support. I've always said magic is created when women come together, connect, support and uplift each other. And while I've been....connecting, I still hadn't quite found my tribe yet. A few months ago while visiting the states I remember writing a letter to the Universe. Asking for my tribe. I guess you could see I was conjuring up support. At the time I thought my tribe had to be living on the island with me, but as any great "manifesting G" knows, adding "Or something better" to your request leaves room for the most divine creation! ANYWHO I'm babbling....I say all this to say that my tribe is FINALLY connecting and coming together! And surprise surprise most of them do NOT live here on the island. Which is actually quite alright because I still feel supported and loved and connected! (I mean that was the goal right!). The best part is I am able to offer space here for my tribe to come, to commune, to give, to just be and that's exactly what we are about to do! Hence the Healthy Collective was born! <3

Message from Holistree: It's true building a tribe is an important factor in one's journey to their passion and purpose. As we continue to grow the Holistree community, we are including amazing Empowered beings! The Healthy Collective is our newest collaboration with two amazing women who not only understand and see our vision but they add significance that we could would not have without them.

Meet the Healthy Collective Team:

Michelle Antoinette Nelson

The founder of Brown and Healthy

Michelle joins our collective supporting those ready to claim their life in the most powerful way! She is an innovator, artist, author, photographer and so much more. She is truly an empowered woman and a perfect example of Holistree's principles and vision!

Brown and Healthy is a 501c3 organization and global initiative that began in 2013 as a motivational hashtag. Brown and Healthy promotes mental, physical, spiritual growth and wellness specifically amongst people of color. Today the movement has wings, and the global health and fitness community has become the wind beneath them. The Brown and Healthy initiative is more than a movement it is a lifestyle, and as we change the narrative we change the world.

Linnet "La Fuerza" Caban

Owner of La Fuerza Fitness

Linnet joins our collective giving spice, fierceness, healing, determination and love. We always want to be an extension of love and Linnet is nothing but it! She provides fitness classes and healing workshops ​in an effort to promote healing in community and sisterhood. Linnet is a survivor of trauma and illness, she uses her experiences to help others heal and overcome trauma in hopes that they can manifest their dreams and live free.

Check out each Woman's magic! If you are in the DMV area you can experience their magic sooner. They both are located in Baltimore, Md and offer healing services and support. We also hope you will join us in January as our team comes together and creates an experience that will catapult you into the new year! Holstree's Healthy Collective presents: Happy New Y(ou)ear Retreat!! Interested in joining us? Reserve your slot today!

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