Finding your Purpose; It's a beautiful thing!

Message from a self-appointed island girl: Its been a week since the retreat and while I love retreats and doing them there is this moment where after I feel lost. Like a "what's next", what do I do NOW?! What's great about this moment of fogginess is that things began to get clear. It's like I needed the fog to see (if that makes any sense).

I say this to say, its in these moments that I find my purpose again! I've decided that finding your purpose is something that is ongoing. You're allowed to rediscover it, to make tweaks to it, to remove things to add things. I personally believe your purpose grows with you. It unfolds just as you do. I began doing these retreats thinking that THAT was my purpose, my gift to the world; helping others heal as if that was the ONLY way I could contribute. The truth is these retreats are for me. Every time I host one I discover something new about myself. I unfold. I bloom. Its in the "blooming" that I realize truly that my purpose is to offer magic, love and support through as many avenues as Spirit will allow.

So there's that!

Holistree's Message:

There has been a lot of discussion on this topic lately. And rightfully so, finding your passion and your purpose should be on your top ten things to do in life list. And while we won't bombard you with a message on "How to find your purpose" (there's plenty of information out there already) what we will say is this....

You are by definition a divine agency. A unique creation. When we discover our purpose it's like fully celebrating your creation. This alone should be motivation enough to WANT to discover it.

Two simple things can help you to find your passion and purpose:

Clarity: understanding your true essence

Alignment: Elevating your vibration

It's just that simple!

Want more elaboration on finding your passion and purpose? Stay tuned next week for Hollis Gray's video on doing just that!

Until then...vibrate high!

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