Emotional Wellness

Message from the self appointed island girl: We cannot ignore the "tension" that is growing in our country. As a healer, an empath, a PERSON really; watching this horrific videos of people being killed, reading the outrage of my family and friends its just to much! It weighs so very heavy on my spirit. And so I wonder if it feels like this for me, I can only imagine how others are feeling. I have the privilege of seeking refuge on my island, on the beach. I can disconnect completely should it get to be to much. I have my spiritual family as well as my physical tribe protecting

me at all times. But I wonder....about those that may not be as....spiritually strong. How do they deal with this. What are they doing to take care of self.

Emotional wellness is so important, its how I'm able to still offer my own support and space to others during trying times. It's how I maintaining fulfilling relationships, how I stay grounded. It is how I can say the following and KNOW without a shadow of a doubt it is true:

I am. I am strong. I am healthy. I am whole.

What can you say? What do you do to take care of self?

Holistree's Message: Emotional Wellness does not have an end stage. Its a continuous process. Its what allows us to maintain satisfying relationships, deal with conflict and remain grounded during stressful times.

But how do you keep them "Well". Here are few tips to help manage and maintain balance.

1. Keep expectations of yourself and others realistic.

When we place expectations on others (ESPECIALLY unrealistic ones) we leave a gap for disappointment. Remember the only person you can truly place expectation on is your self; and even then you must be kind.

2. Create and set realistic goals.

Overwhelm serves nothing and no one. Large dreams require baby steps and planning. Focus on the baby steps vs. all steps at once.

3. Learn to accept change.

Change is inevitable. Meet it withOUT resistance.

4. Let go of anger.

It holds no real purpose except to keep you in a low vibrational space.

5. Surround yourself with positivity.

That includes people, places and things. The goal is to feel good 100% of the time. Stay in good graces helps!

6. Hold yourself accountable.

You are responsible for YOU. Your happiness. Your success. Your health. Your LIFE. NO ONE ELSE.

7. Be kind to yourself.

The truth is you are human. You are going to make mistakes and that is absolutely okay. Don't be so hard on yourself.

8. Laugh at yourself.

Laughter is food for the soul. Feed your soul often.

9. Take care of your body.

Its the only vessel you have right now to carry your spirit. Be good to it. Its like a car. It requires maintenance, the right gas/oil/ fluids (i.e. food).

10. Seek help!

You do not have to do it alone. If balancing out emotions proves to be a little challenging for you seek help.

Remember it is a process. It is continuous. You deserve to be well!

If you are looking for a little extra help finding your balance Holistree's Empowerment Coach and Reiki Master Hollis Gray is available. Schedule an empowerment chat with her TODAY!

We've recently added Solitude retreats and Healer's retreats for those seeking Emotional Wellness as the focus. Interested? Email us! We look forward to hosting you!

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