#RetreatLife "Finding Your Spirit"

Message from the self appointed Island Girl: On April 22nd I welcomed four amazing women into my Healing Space. I had decided well before I moved to the island that THIS would be a part of what I offer to the world. A space. A space where you can come undone, piece yourself together, celebrate, honor, discover...HEAL! That was the plan. What I didn't plan for was the lesson and healing that would occur in me. It was absolutely beautiful! I've spent months on the island by myself. "Healing". This retreat was a reminder that healing is never-ending. I dig it!

SO! I hosted these women and magic happened! I always say, there is something magical that takes place when women come together. HA! That is an understatement. I have GOT to come up with a better word than "magic". It's not strong enough to explain what happens. But here is what I DO know for sure:

1. I am absolutely standing in my purpose (CHEERS TO THAT!)

2. siSTAR-hood is so necessary

3. Healing is never-ending, we should really embrace that

4. I have achieved what I set out to do which means a few things-

1. I need to add some things to my list of "What's next"

2. There is NOTHING I cannot create. (There goes that ask. allow. receive)

3. I AM an extension of Love #givethanks

Holistree's Message: Magic absolutely happens! We are so excited to offer this space for those looking to "Find their Spirit", "Tap into their Power", "Heal and Help". We are simply the tool for you to do what you need to to live the life you desire.

Interested in having a retreat of your own? Email us or check out our upcoming retreats available! We look forward to hosting you!

Check out a few highlights of the retreat below!

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