Time Flies when you're in a Hammock

Message from a self appointed island girl: My how time flies! Time waits for no one, doesn’t care about my healing crisis AT ALL (okay using the word crisis may be a bit dramatic) nonetheless the fact of the matter is there is still work to do. The question I have been asking myself is how do I balance my personal “work” with the world’s “work” i.e. how do I pay my bills! You may have heard this before but it is so true…when you do YOUR work; when you focus and walk in YOUR purpose the bills get paid, the world’s “work” gets taken care of. THAT is the lesson I have had the hardest time learning. We come from a world where working hard, being busy, sacrificing is glorified but the truth is, things should be easy. Things should flow effortlessly into our lives. So here I am laying in my hammock (my favorite spot) and letting things fall into place.

TRUST. ALLOW. Those are the lessons.

Holistree’s Message- Its true one of the hardest lessons for a person to learn is to simply do nothing. We have mastered seeing through our physical eyes which to be honest are always the most honest lenses to look through. The Universe absolutely wants to poor into us. Things SHOULD be effortless. When you understand that; when you catch your rhythm this absolutely happens. How do you do that? Here are a few suggestions:

-GO SIT DOWN! No really, try it. Sit down somewhere (somewhere peaceful) and just breathe. Close your eyes and breathe. Start with just 3 minutes of this.

-Test the Universe. Ask it! Say “Universe do you know what I want? Show me!?”

-Take note of the times when things flowed easily, what happened around that moment, what was your mood like? Being mindful of the moments that have already taken place where stillness was a factor will help you remember for future moments.

-Meditate. Journal, Dance. Yoga. Cook. SOMETHING. Redirect your focus to an enjoyable activity. It helps lessen the “urgency”


There really isn’t any specific guidelines to this. The beauty of life is it is OURS. It is unique to YOU. Revel in that! Wishing you stillness!

Until next time!

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