A Manifesting G!

Message from a self-appointed Island girl: I HAVE BECOME A MANIFESTING G! I'm manifesting all things thought of (both good and bad) almost instantly! So I thought to myself, I said "Self" how can I get this info out to the masses! How do I share this magic because it absolutely needs to be shared!

And it happened! I got this brilliant idea (at least I think its brilliant!) I'm already sharing via video my journey why not do a video series as well! So I spent the entire day doing videos and writing and setting up this series! (I'm pretty sure I've used just about all of my data service for this money already and its no where near the end of my data cycle!) But the series is complete! And I'm excited to share with the world!

Living here on the island has really sparked my creativity, my drive! I'm excited for all the things to come and even more excited to share! Mike Dooley from notes of the Universe (who technically is how I got the idea to do the video series) said it best! You learn best what you teach to others. So Happy Learning to both of us!

A message from Holistree: It's true! You really do learn best wha

t you teach! In learning about the Laws of Attraction and Intentional Living (the principles we at Holistree stand by) we have discovered how quickly we've retained the information especially when we are sharing it with others...with YOU!

So we hope you join us in this awesome video series on How to Manifest the Life you desire!!

Happy Manifesting!!

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