Shift Happens!

Message from self Appointed Island Girl: “Shift Happens” I said it last week and I’ll say it again! The other morning I walked to the Bodega for a few items. The usual (Bread, Eggs, Milk) the credit card machine was down and so started the dilemma.

And then it happened! The random act of kindness. The owner of the store said “Take it” It being my groceries. You’ll pay me when you can. I was blown away! And so appreciative. Especially because that doesn’t usually happen. What I’m learning as I navigate through this new island life is that kindness is the rhythm of the island. Kindness, Intentional Living, Mindfulness and Peace.

So now I’m walking back home groceries in hand and I’m immediately filled with gratitude. I start thinking about all the things I’d like to do today. What I can do for someone else to keep the momentum going and then I realize it! Shift Happens! One act of kindness creates a shift! A shift in self, a shift in the person receiving and a shift in the world. And so it begins! My day fully charged wrapped in love and kindness.

Holistree’s Message: It is true indeed that Shift Happens. And sometimes it happens on an unconscious level but just imagine if you were aware of the shift. How much more beneficial it could be to your life. When you practice Intentional Living you are mindful of the shifts. You are able to completely feel whatever it is the Universe is pouring into you at every second of the day.

When we are mindful, we are present. Being present allows you to be open and be prepared. Being prepared allows you to create your inspired life as the true co-creator that you are vs. just tagging along for the ride.

Be mindful. Be kind. Live inspired.

Do you feel the shifts in your life?

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