Bend, Stretch, Expand

Message from Newly Appointed: “Bending, Stretching, Expansion”

It’s been about 11 weeks here on the island. This is the most time I’ve ever spent by myself WITH myself. I’ve created many stories as to why this place, why now and what led me here. I’ve had moments of fear, anxiety, sadness, excitement, arousal, sleeplessness and many more other things. But the fact still remains, I am STILL here.

It’s amazing when you can FEEL a shift. Shift happens. It happens everyday and most people aren’t aware that it’s happening. But when you do realize it! I find myself looking at everything differently. I look for the lesson and message in every single moment; it’s a beautiful thing. I am grateful for the transition and the shift.

Everything is a process. First it was my spirit, then my mind, then my heart and now its my body. I’ve realized that I’ve stretched just about every part of me except my body. Your body is like a car. It’s your Spirit’s means of transportation. Just as I would maintain my car my body should be allowed the same care. And so onto the next step in the process-Exercise. Stretch, bend and make room for even bigger expansion.

Thank you Universe. I am ready yet again….

Holistree’s Message: Sometimes we get so caught up in Spiritual development that we forget (or place it last) that Physical development is just as important. Our body must be able to carry such a developed Spirit.

Yoga is a great practice for this! Bend. Stretch. Focus. Is there anything better?

What’s your favorite yoga pose?

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