What's this thing called Intentional Living?

“Living an Inspired Life should be a lifestyle…YOUR lifestyle”

Message from the appointed Island girl: Every morning I rise and do two things for sure: 1. I open the doors to my balcony stand outside breath in the island and watch the sun come up. 2. I sage the house and give thanks while standing at my altar.

This is Intentional Living. A few years back I made a choice. I decided that every thing I do would be mindful and calculated. I decided what mattered most to me and decide what were the things I was going to do that showed the Universe that these things were indeed important.

And so I wake up every morning and say thank you (most times out loud). I sage because for me saging brings clarity and raised the vibrations in the house, reinforcing the value I place on my Spirituality and how I want to feel every single day. I stand at my altar because for me my altar represents my power, my gifts, my dedication to walking in my purpose and I honor that by standing in front of it every morning, giving thanks, reviewing and setting intentions for the day.

I am so intentional about everything I do. There is a calculated reason behind each thing and for me, what doesn’t align with my core belief and what I value most I don’t do. Its as simple as that.

Holistree’s Insight: The great thing about Intentional Living is its unique to each person that lives this way. The foundation is the same (calculated choices at every moment that honor and reaffirm what you hold most dear) the steps are different, the outcome the same- being connected to the Divine, receiving ALL your gifts. Abundance is YOUR birthright! Know this!

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