Speak POWER over your day, week, year, LIFE!

Message from the newly appointed Island Girl: (WO)MAN! Words are so powerful! I tell clients that all the time and somehow have forgotten to tell myself that! And so this week the Universe lovingly reminded me! When you claim success in your day it comes! Sometimes it comes in the most unexpected way. The key is to be open to it. The even bigger key is to SPEAK POWER into it! I’ve added a new sentence to my morning ritual. I usually say something like I CLAIM SUCCESS TODAY! COME ON UNIVESE SHOW OFF FOR ME! ..You know what? It has, EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Give Thanks!

Holistree’s Insight: Words are indeed powerful! Thoughts are powerful! Energy flows where intention goes! Be mindful of that.

Sometimes we don’t realize the debilitating words we use when we speak to ourselves.

It is SUPER important to take the following words out of your vocabulary:





Stupid (or any form of this)





(Yes even How? It is not your job to know the “How” leave tht to the universe to figure out)

Try replacing these words and words like them with positive powerful ones and see how your life changes!

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