A message on Faith

Message from an Island girl: Where I live (on the west side of the island, SUPER secluded) I am surrounded by what I like to call the jungle. It isn’t really the jungle but considering where I’m from this sure FEELS like it. Everyday I see, wild horse, lizards, colorful birds, tropical plants and flowers. Its interesting to witness. And as I’m watching these horses play right in front of me and then disappear I came to another ah-ha moment. Another reminder from Spirit. That even when you can’t physically see something (that may have been right in front of you five minutes ago –like those horses playing) doesn’t mean its not happening. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Faith is setup the exact same way. Sometimes we can’t see the size of the blessing coming but that doesn’t mean it ain’t comin! Its all about having faith! Ahhh yes! Thank you Universe for that reminder.

Holistree’s Insight: We like to use the term FaithFULL. Having faith requires you to look through your Spiritual Eyes vs. your Physical ones. Everything is ALWAYS working out for you! TRUST IT!

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