Do the Work

Message from the Island Girl: “You only attract what you think you’re worth.” I read that quote somewhere the other day and it really got me thinking!

This week I begin really focusing on my manifesting skills. Realizing I need to get clear on what it is I want. And even clearer on believing I deserve such! I tried this exercise basically what you do is write 55 times for 5 days your manifestation statement. Excessive? Maybe! But it definitely reveals things to you that you may not be aware are there. What I discovered about myself is that MAYBE one of the reasons for the delay in some of my desires is that I don’t really believe I deserve them. HMMMM FOOD FOR THOUGHT! (If you want to hear the whole story check it out here)

Holistree’s Insight- Sometimes we want to skip over the process and jump right to the dream. It doesn’t work that way.

You plant the seed first (seed of desire). You water it. You nurture it. You give it light. And THEN and only then does it grow.

You HAVE to do the work. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable. Sometimes it feels never ending BUT when you do the work you reap the reward!

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