Shedding skin! ALERT: Busy is NOT Cool!

Message from the “Island girl”- What I’m learning as I sit here in continuous 80 degree weather is this, I need to chill out! Living a city life for over 30 years takes some time to shed. I’m realizing that “busy” has been my norm wayyyy to long! I’ve been reading this dope book called “A Course in Gratitude”. I literally said the other day I wondered if I was doing gratitude correctly and this book popped up. (THANK YOU UNIVERSE) And so I’m sitting here, reading this awesome book, shedding my city skin, letting go of “busy” and just waiting for the good healing transformation that I just know is coming! Stay tuned!

Holistree’s insight- Just like Rakita many of us have a hard time with being still. We think being “busy” is the cool thing. (ALERT: BUSY IS NOT COOL! REPEAT: BUSY IS NOT COOL)

One of the key factors in Intentional Living is to be INTENTIONAL versus being Busy. Being busy means you are filling your day-to-day up with things. And yes, some “things” may be important. They may even help in manifesting your desires but when you are Intentional it allows the space between your desires and the Universe granting them to take place. Busy is not a requirement for attainment of desire.

If you were still enough, you’d realize that.

Word of the day: ALLOW. Allow for things to happen in your life.

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