Celebrating the end of Summer and the announcement of our 2019 experiences!  We're offering you a chance to claim a spot on any of our 2019 destinations for only $65 PLUS you get to lock in the Early Bird price regardless of the time.

How does it work?

It's simple!

Click Buy Now and claim your spot for $65.

This guarantees you a spot on any one of our 2019 destinations (even if you haven't made your mind up yet a spot is there) This means you can claim a spot at any time AND always get your spot at whatever the Early Bird rate is. This means you always receive $100-$300 off your retreat cost. 

Once you have claimed your spot you will receive an email confirmation along with information on how to set up your payment plan

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**One ticket is good for ONE spot only. You may purchase multiple tickets for multiple trips**

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