Our targeted services help organizations create a Holistic Wellness approach to achieving new levels of clarity and confidence.

Strategy is the key to building a stronger, more sustainable team. A well-designed retreat or workshop plan gives you a blueprint for planning the perfect corporate retreat.  We take a Holistic approach to the entire process and support groups in shifting their focus to balancing Wellness and Work. 

Knowledge is power, and as part of our services, The Holistree Collective specializes in self-care, holistic healing, organizational assessments and planning. Our approach allows you to make strategic decisions based on your organizations reality rather than perceptions or assumptions. 

With the right strategy, you can gain confidence to take action and know that your organization is headed in the right direction. Our  services include:

Retreats and Group Facilitation

When your team comes together to discuss key issues or make important decisions, an outside facilitator can ensure everyone’s time and energy are used effectively towards a common goal.


Effective facilitation can help you reach consensus and bring a common vision to the surface. Our facilitation activities are matched to the purpose of your meeting or retreat, we know how to keep conversations on point, manage conflict, and help ensure full participation.

Strategic Planning

A strategic plan answers the questions: “Who are we?  Where are we going?  How are we going to get there?” Our goal is to facilitate the creation of strategic plan that will move your group from vision to action and provide an enduring blueprint for success. 

Working together, your planning team and our strategy experts will get to the heart of the most critical issues facing your team in order to design a compelling and actionable plan.

Leadership Coaching

We work one-on-one with organizational leaders to address challenging issues within the organization and/or to strengthen personal leadership skills. Different from leadership training, our coaching is designed to provide a safe space for a leader to explore issues critical to leadership success in the nonprofit arena, including management style, fundraising skills, and personal style. We provide a confidential sounding board along with with management guidance rooted in best practices.

Looking for expert help with any aspect of organizational strategy? Contact us today.