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Learn Holistree's framework & method on stepping into your most powerful self as a Facilitation leader...

Over the years I have help space for over a thousand Women all looking to step into a place that kept them safe and held them in love as they experienced their breakthroughs. I've learned how to pair my intuitive skills, organizing experience, human development education and my HUGE passion for pleasure, joy, luxury and community in a way that cultivates powerful spaces. It's truly a gift and one that I enjoy sharing with others who want to drum up the same level of impact for their own community.

Creating and holding space is a sacred practice. It not only is a factor in your own personal growth but it also has the power to impact others collectively in such a meaningful way. Its the gift that keeps on giving!  


Are you ready to take the next step, serve your community and radically transform yourself in the process? 

In the process of becoming a facilitator, we are called to first take our own self-healing journey, face our fears, and heal parts of ourselves that feel disconnected. To be connected to Spirit is to stand fully in your purpose and move effortlessly in all parts of your life....including how you hold space for others. 

The Process:

This training is broken down into three parts:

 1. Establish Healing & Purpose thru Mentoring (Personal Dev.)

 2.Training (Understanding Facilitation Structure and Holistree's method)

 3. Create Content & Structure (Business Dev. & Strategy)

Our very first 1:1 we discuss your goals, focus area, learning style and schedule. This is a co-creation of a program and timeline that best works for you.

**Typically lasting 8-12 weeks**


Ready to talk about what a co-creation looks like? Schedule a Free 25 minute

The Breakdown
Mentor & Coaching:

We take a holistic approach to this. We discuss your goals, we dive deep to uncover the root of fears, blockages. We do a little ritual work in helping to support stepping into your power.  


My specialty is spiritual work, being able to know what your own root issues are and creating your own bag of spiritual tools will help you as you hold your own spaces.  I support you on the integration process by utilizing other holistic modalities like Reiki.

We work together on doing the inner-work. This is a co-creation for a reason. Co-creating this process allows you to become comfortable in stepping into your leadership role.

As your co-pilot, I am your mirror, your accountability partner, your biggest cheerleader and a visionary for all that is possible for you.



  • Understanding the technical side of Facilitation - In this session you will learn about the the flow of an impactful workshop as well as tips and tools for ensuring your space is thoughtfully curated for your audience.

  • The Framework and Method - In these sessions you will use my very own process for discovery themes for a workshops, tools for helping you to organize both the back and front end. Teaming and much more!

  • Your facilitator identity- This is the most helpful of the entire course, here is where you will uncover your facilitator super power. In these sessions, we will work on your capacity, how to hold a little more and how to take care of both your attendees as well as yourself. These sessions you will learn emotional vocabulary, how to connect with your attendees, how to "read the room and much more!

Content & Curriculum Design

Learning the technical side of facilitation and building your bag of tools means nothing if you don't apply and use what you have. The final part of training is where we work together and design (or tweak if you already have a program) your workshops. 

This is the fun part! It's where we get to dream up TOGETHER what your plan is. What the content is for you next sacred space. We'll even talk through how to cultivate and build your community. 


*This course is reserved for a select number of participants each quarter *

*The sessions are done virtually through GoogleMeet.

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