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A Container for the
Body, Mind & Business

Starting in November 


A 12-week virtual strategy experiment where Creatives & Entrepreneurs will (re)define their 2024 success, develop the right support systems and learn strategies and designs for building and growing their business and including ways to  integrate body, mind and spirit for a well rounded holistic new year. 

This cohort is perfect for you:


  • if you're looking for tools and systems that will help you envision and plan for a successful 2024 

  • if you're looking to be in community w/other genius minds and gain different perspectives

  • if you're looking for ways to level up in your business and need a little accountability


A Few Focus Topics:


  • Getting your House in Order: An assessment of where you are and what's needed to level up

  • Refining your Vision: Tools & Prompts to help get clear on your 2024 goals (including budget planning)

  • Worklife Balance- using Holistic modalities to commit to your own self-care

  • Community + Collaboration: Building the RIGHT team

  • Group Think + Laser Coaching Sessions: Talk through your ideas + receive feedback from your peers


  • Access to Templates Library -Budgeting, Calendars, Forms, Contracts etc.

  • Quarterly action plan Template w/1st and 2nd Qtr. Complete

  • Additional  service discounts

  • Time with other experts learning more skills 


A $500 Giveaway 

Additional Private 1:1 support  *when paid in full*


 Complete the application to be considered!

**This cohort will be intimately sized in order to create space for everyone's need.** 

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